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Free sample of our
Guided Deep Relaxation Cycle 
'Deep and Brief" - a 14 minute session
To be used whenever you are feeling stressed but limited in time

Peaceful Mind Healthy Body

This Album contains 2 of the major tracks
used for out Online Course called
'Breaking the Stress Cycle'
Using Alpha Brain wave technology, that naturally allows your brain to go into a coherent brain wave pattern and experience an inner sense of inner peace and calm.
Journey to
Mountain Temple
Whole Brain Creative Visualisation Cycle

By using our imagination to stimulate new neural pathways of the brain and nervous system, we unlock the intuitive brain and the power of our energy centers.


Breaking the Stress Cycle-Cultivating Inner Peace

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Learn how to reset your brain and nervous system for a healthier, happier way of life.
Learn the foundation skills needed for your own WellBeing and the basis for Meditation, Deep relaxation and Inner Peace

We recognise that the biggest Health issue facing people is how to clear their unwanted stress.

We have now created a online program that easily teaches you how to clear unwanted Stress patterns from your mind and nervous system.

"This might not seem such a big deal however my years observing in clinical practice and now the new science of epigenetics, shows us  how ‘chronic long term stress’ is the main cause of most dis-eases"
  (the works of Dr Bruce Lipton).

Through the gentle art of Mindful Meditation and deep Alpha brain wave Relaxation techniques you will discover how to rewire your Mind and Nervous system.

If you take time to truly relax, even for a relatively brief period, and become calm and reset your
nervous system on a regular basis,

you will develop more positive mind options and
emotional resilience. 

Watch our intro video below

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Dates to be Advised
Pomona/Cooroy, Sunshine Coast Q

LEARN BrainGym®

Enhancing the Physical Aspects of Learning

In This Program You Will Learn and Experience
    a Set of Specific Integrative Movements called    


These easy to learn and practice activities help you to- 
*  enhance co-ordination, communication and cognitive abilities
*  make all types of learning and study easier
*  improve your neuroplasticity and wellbeing
*  access greater mind body potential   
*  support positive feelings, develop calm emotions
*  increase your self confidence, and enhance wellbeing

This is a Certified 16 hour course accredited by BrainGym® Australia and
BreakThroughsInternational/BrainGym® USA. BrainGym® is now used in over 80 countries, practiced in preschools to highschools, child care, in business and aged care settings world wide.  
No prerequisites - just curiousity!


BrainGym® refers to a group of specially organised group of activities designed to help integrate the sensory input from the brain and nervous system to bring about enhanced learning skills, positive behaviour, reduce anxiety and increase wellbeing.
It is most well known for assisting school age children, however, as a model that works with our physical body first, it remains highly effective for people of all ages.

Go to the link below to read more about BrainGym®.

Come to your senses and activate your innate wisdom!   Life's true treasures are within.

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“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know.
Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.” 
― Dr Bruce H. Lipton

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