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Brain Gym® 
Certified 2 Day Seminar
 Sunshine Coast Q
with Shauna Kendall
Licensed BrainGym
Dates to Be Advised

Move your life in a positive direction

Dive deep into the 26 Brain Gym® activities and experience them in your body. Gain a better understanding of each movement, the philosophy behind the Brain Gym program, and how this knowledge can support your daily life routine.


We will be working from the BrainGym Teachers Manual so participants will have a sound understanding of the movements and insights into their application.

This two day program is suitable for Teachers, carers, aged-care workers, creatives, anyone wanting to improve and support their movement capacity, co-ordination and brain plasticity.


Prerequisites:  None - Open to all.   

When:  2 x Sundays, Dates to Be Advised

Time:  9-5pm each day

FEE:  $425

EARLY BIRD ! Fee total:  $365 Confirmed with Deposit of $100/or full fee paid by - - - (manuals are ordered for this event)

   Includes BrainGym Teachers Edition Manual (rrp $45),         Certificate of participation (16 hrs), and morning     

        and afternoon tea. 

Venue:  TBA

Contact Shauna by email or call/text if you would like to book in.
All Seminar details will be included with your confirmation.

Educational Kinesiology

Educational Kinesiology helps to address the physical/movement aspects of how our body learns.  It is the name that is attributed to the work of Dr Paul Dennison, who over the last 35 years, has developed together with his wife, Gail Dennison, movement based learning models that are focused on the integration of the sensory input of the brain and nervous system.  It is designed to take the stress out of learning, and bring about a sense of natural movement, curiosity and joy for learning.

The Educational Kinesiology model has incorporated within it a learning menu of 26 movements called BrainGym®.  ln this model the senses - visual, tactile, hearing and other sensory input are brought into a state of coherence, allowing the student/client to experience greater memory, expression, comprehension, lowered stress levels, creative thinking and imagination.  

The Brain Gym® work is being used in over 87 countries and has been translated into more than 40 languages. 

It is a modality that is primarily focused on empowering people of all ages to reclaim the joy of living.

BG104 is a 2-Day program where you will EXPERIENCE and learn the significance of the 26 BrainGym® activities and their ability to enhance a person's development and movement freedom.  
BG101  is a 4 -Day Program where you will learn how to apply the specific movement learning prossess and how to offer a 'Balance' sessions for comprehension, vision, focus skills, and much more!  All participants will experiencing the 'Balances' as they progress through this insightful program.


These programs are gentle, hands-on, fun and informative group learning environments that will give you skills to help yourself and others, out of stuck learning situations, enhance wellbeing and help you get back into the 'flow of life'.


They are designed to help people of all ages and abilities - children, adults and seniors to


* Learn ANYTHING faster and more easily

* Overcome learning challenges

* Enhance sports and artistic performance

* Be more focused and organised

* Start and finish projects with ease

* Reach new levels of excellence

* Create ease in learning and living

* Clear unwanted stress and anxiety in all learning situations

* Encourage creativity, self expression and self responsibility


Who would benefit from learning and practicing Brain Gym®?


Educators/Teachers/Childcare staff

Students who have learning difficulties

Parents and educators who work with children with learning or behavioural difficulties

Health Practitioners

Business professionals

Age care facilitators

Sports coaches and dance Teachers

The Brain Gym® 101 

Certified 4 Day Program

This course provides beginners with
the Essence of Educational Kinesiology - Learning through Movement.

During this Course You will  
Experience Wholebrain Integration Through Wholebody Movement,
 Learn 26 BrainGym® Exercises,
Understand the Edu-K Balance Process
Experience a Series of Action Balances
And Learn Two Specialised Integration Processes.

This Level 1 Certified BG101 Basic program is open to all - There are no prerequisites.

Learn to give daily balances to self, family, friends and colleagues.


The full program is 4 days, 32 hours, generally taken over two weekends.


If you would like to become an Educational Kinesiology consultant

This course is the prerequisite for all other Educational Kinesiology trainings

however there are no prerequisites for attending this course.


Discover an easy to learn lasting tool for getting motivated, reaching personal goals and
helping others overcome learning difficulties. 


This seminar is spread over 2 weekends so that there is time to practice and experience the benefits of each exercise.

Next   BrainGym® 101   Seminar

Dates to be Advised

To Register
fill in the form below & email it  
or phone or email for further information

Venue:  To Be Advised

Course Price: $770 for 4 days  Includes Manual & Notes, catering for teabreaks

! EarlyBird Price
pay $670


Confirmation of your enrolment in this course and course details will be emailed to you prior to the course.

"We meet ourselves where we are,
honor that place, and stay open to learning
at our own pace, for our intrinsic worth.
As a student of BrainGym,
you have the perpetual opportunity to move through the rich landscape
of your own sensory integration."  
 Dr Paul & Gail Dennison

This quote from Dr Paul and Gail Dennison describes the BrainGym® 101 exercises in how they help the body and brain perform in the most optimal manner, creating whole brain intelligence, balance and coherence.

"The BrainGym activities themselves, each taking about 20 seconds to do, lengthen tense muscles, organize action around the body’s midline, and emphasize varied skills of stability, mobility, self-calming, and sensorimotor coordination.  
The 26 activities employ both large- and small-motor skills for coordination of eyes and hands, ease of head turning, skimming and scanning, and moving the whole body in centered alignment."

To find out about our National Association go to

BrainGym® Australia

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