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Deep Relaxation - Breaking the Stress Cycle

The foundation of changing your lifestyle patterns and learning a new way of being. Supporting natural healing, increasing vitality, and better learning outcomes to name but a few. This course makes it easy.

Mandala - Transformation of the Self 

In this course we make use of the Mandala as a vehicle to express our inner life. Designed as a self-help exploration towards a feeling of wholeness and resolution. 

SuperAccelerated Learning - Your Personal Genius Within

There are many things you can do to naturally accelerate your learning potential and integrate new information.  This course covers a wide range of practical techniques.


Sacred Mandalas - Self Transformation through personal sacred healing symbols 

Through meditation and drawing we explore our own inner light and reveal it through the art of the mandala. No artistic experience necessary!


Meditations and Guided Visualisations for the Sacred Self

Nourishment for the Soul, inspired by the beauty of the Course in Miracles, this course is designed for those wanting to immerse themselves into the depths of light and love of the innermost heart.

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