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Want to Join Us for an Adventure
that can positively impact the rest of your life?

Breaking the Stress Cycle v1.0  Pilot Program

Today more than any other time in history we find ourselves bombarded with a constant stream of stimuli.  Our senses are often in overload and overwhelm.  We move from one thing to the next in nervous haste to 'get things done' or keep up with the pace of our family life, work, school, social commitments.  We experience  increasing pressure on our health and wellbeing. 
Amidst all this - How do we create a space for ourselves?? 
Where do we take the inbreath?  Recent research into our collective health and wellbeing has shown us we are under more stress than ever before.
After years of working with clients in clinical practice, and teaching meditation and relaxation, I have created this online course 'Breaking the Stress Cycle' v1.0 as a response to our rather complex situation.
This course is specifically designed to RE-SET
for your brain wave rhythms, nervous system response
and support your bioenergetic field.  


                  To help us steer and stay on course with the course, of course !

This Pilot Course version is not a finished polished course and I am doing it for the first time. I am testing my assumptions.  And the main reason I am doing a pilot version is that I need feedback on what is working and what it needs to make it better. 
That's where you come in   : )


All the pilot participants will also be asked to help me build up the testimonials and Q & A sections so future participants will have them as a reference. For me to fully realise the course's full potential, I do need your constructive feedback and testimonials, both of which I value highly. 


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