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Why get it together?

Over the years as I have worked and played with people during workshops and clinic sessions, I have always thoroughly enjoyed the aspect of being witness to a person 'getting it', that ah-ha moment. The moment when a new significant firing happens in their brain. Something clicks! There is a certain look in their eyes and their facial expressions change, sometimes to one of disbelief or just perplexed, or amazement. Their facial colour changes. There is often laughter, smiles, sometimes tears of relief. Their whole body posture changes and they begin to breathe differently, freer.

These are processes I love because it brings home aspects of the Self. Parts of the Self that were adrift, separate, fragmented off, compartmentalised.

Within them I see aspects myself. How did we get this way?

Sometimes we develop these patterns of separation due to interrupted development. Or because of the need to survive, it becomes a safety mechanism. Other times it is what we were 'gifted' by our families and friends through the environment of our childhood upbringing. Navigating our way through social settings like school as a child can create some great walls of separation within. Voices that have told us we will 'never be good at drawing, can't dance, can't play team sport, doesn't play well with others, poor reader, can't sit still' are all part of the cacophony that gets instilled deep within us like little bits of hidden code. It comes out later when we are pressed to draw something or get up and waltz at a wedding or be a key person in a team at work. The little bit of code gets activated, makes us feel less than and often floods us with thoughts of self doubt, numbness and fear.

It is an honour to hold this space for others and to support them to create an opportunity to integrate these separate parts. A time and place to bring them home so that the person can move on and be more productive creatively and fulfill some of their mission here on earth. We all have a unique slant on things, the gift of just tweaking something that is out there or coming up with something original. All here to express our uniqueness.

Life is too short to wait til next year to fulfil your ideas and dreams and do that thing you always wanted to try. Acknowledge your doubts and fears and get started down the fulfilment track. Life is made up of moments, not years. Years are just a measurement of an increments of what we call time. And as you might have noticed, they whip by pretty quickly. Moments on the other hand are ever-present within us, timeless.

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